What is Journey from Sinai?

What is Journey from Sinai?

Journey from Sinai is a joint venture between Tikvah—a Jewish think tank and educational institution—and Aish to bring Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik’s daily Bible 365 Podcast to a growing audience of Jews eager to discover the ancient wisdom of the Tanakh. In this series, you and Rabbi Soloveichik will cover the entire Jewish Bible in one year. With just 15 minutes a day, you’ll receive a master tutorial in the most important book in the history of human civilization. Subscribers will receive daily reminders and descriptions of each lesson and will be able to listen to each day’s episode on this website or through their podcast player of choice.

Why should you sign up for Journey from Sinai?

No single work has had as profound an impact on the history of mankind as has the Jewish Bible. It lies at the heart of Judaism and Western civilization as a whole; it has inspired Jewish and non-Jewish thinkers, writers, and artists throughout history; and its lessons inspired statesmen from George Washington and John Adams to David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin. But today, the Bible has receded from our culture, discourse, and self-understanding—with the disastrous results all around us. Bible 365 is a bold effort to return this ancient Hebrew wisdom to its rightful place in Jewish, American, and Western consciousness. In this time of crisis, the Bible is the answer—and Journey from Sinai and Bible 365 are your gateway to recovering its enduring wisdom.

Who should subscribe?

Journey from Sinai is for traditional Jews looking to supplement their daily study through a timely rediscovery of the lessons of Tanakh. It is for Jews who may have less familiarity with Jewish texts but sense that now is the moment to begin exploring Judaism’s foundational ideas. It’s for non-Jews who understand the need for America and the West to recover their biblical heritage. Anyone, of any faith, at any age, who understands that the Bible lies at the core of our civilization and seeks a greater understanding of this foundational text is invited to join this Journey from Sinai.


* Journey from Sinai is a project of Tikvah and Aish and is not affiliated with Congregation Shearith Israel or Yeshiva University.

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