What explains the secret of Jewish immortality, Mark Twain once asked. For millennia, the Jewish people have been a living witness to the biblical vision of God, morality, and the mystery of life. Egypt, Assyria, Rome—the greatest empires in human history sought to control or extinguish the Jews. And yet these empires are gone—and the Jewish people endures. How, and why? What is the religious meaning of Jewish history? How do we explain and understand the miracle of Jewish survival—including the restoration of Israel as a modern nation in the Jewish people’s ancient homeland?

In this conversation, Tikvah explores these great theological and historical questions with Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik—one of America’s leading religious voices, minister of the oldest Jewish congregation in America, ambassador for Jewish faith to religious leaders around the world. He is joined in conversation by Eric Cohen, executive director of the Tikvah Fund, one of America’s preeminent Jewish think tanks and educational institutions.

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